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Campaign ’16: Energy Is The Question

As Campaign 2016 barrels into the home stretch, all Americans should be energy voters because secure energy is fundamental in all our lives and to the future of our country.

23 September 2016
  |  EnergyTomorrow.org

Energizing Alaska

Alaska represents a major part of America’s energy past, present and future. North Slope oil production – accounting for more than 95 percent of Alaska’s overall output – and the Trans-Alaska Pipeline that connects the oil fields with Valdez in the south were and are critically important to our country’s energy security.

31 August 2016
  |  EnergyTomorrow.org

Energizing Oklahoma

As the United States’ fifth-ranked state in total energy production, Oklahoma has virtually the entire package: oil and natural gas (both top-five in output nationally), the sprawling oil pipeline and storage hub at Cushing, refineries and renewable energy – found in all that wind that comes sweepin’ down the plain, of course.

29 August 2016
  |  EnergyTomorrow.org

Energizing Wyoming

Wyoming ranks second among the 50 states in overall energy output, producing 9,362 trillion Btu in 2014, according to the U.S. Energy Information Administration (EIA). Only Texas produced more energy. Wyoming is playing an important part in a U.S. energy renaissance that has made our country the world’s leading producer of oil and natural gas – resulting in jobs, economic growth, greater energy security and consumer savings.

27 August 2016
  |  EnergyTomorrow.org

Energizing Alabama

The more you look at the 50 states individually, the more you realize how the United States really is an all-of-the-above energy nation. Alabama is another good illustration. The state ranked 15th in oil production in 2015 and 16th in natural gas output in 2014. In terms of power generation, natural gas has been Alabama’s leading fuel for electricity since 2010.

26 August 2016
  |  EnergyTomorrow.org

Energizing Florida

Production-wise, Florida is in the second tier of states in output (about 2 million barrels of oil in 2015, compared to Texas’ 1.26 billion barrels) – yet geologists believe there may be large oil and natural gas reserves on the outer continental shelf off Florida’s western coast.

15 August 2016
  |  EnergyTomorrow.org

Energizing Maine

According to the U.S. EIA, nearly 90% of the state is forested. Hence the nickname: the Pine Tree State. Yet, Maine is an all-of-the-above energy state – even with all those trees. Fuels from petroleum and natural gas are the next three largest energy sources, accounting for 52.8 percent of Maine’s energy use.

12 August 2016
  |  EnergyTomorrow.org

Energizing Arizona

You might not think of Arizona as an energy state and to be sure, it ranks in the 30s in both oil and natural gas production. Arizona’s per capita energy consumption ranks 45th out of the 50 states. Yet, the state’s Palo Verde Nuclear Generating Station is the largest nuclear power plant in the country, and the state ranked second in the country in utility-scale electricity generation from solar energy.

11 August 2016
  |  EnergyTomorrow.org

Energizing South Carolina

South Carolina relies heavily on nuclear power for electricity generation. Four existing nuclear power plants supplied 54 percent of the state’s electricity in 2014, according to the U.S. Energy Information Administration (EIA).

10 August 2016
  |  EnergyTomorrow.org

Energizing Louisiana

Louisiana is a big energy producer – especially when you count oil and natural gas from the areas off the state’s coast – and it’s home to major portions of the country’s refining sector. In addition, with the lifting of the ban on crude oil exports and the opening of new natural gas liquefaction facilities, Louisiana is a hub for new U.S. energy exports.

9 August 2016
  |  EnergyTomorrow.org

Energizing New Jersey

New Jersey is a key refining state, home to three major refining facilities that make the state an important fuels distribution center on the East Coast. These refineries have benefited from the U.S. shale energy renaissance, which has provided an abundant supply of domestic crude oil for processing into a number of refined products Americans depend on every day.

4 August 2016
  |  EnergyTomorrow.org

Vote for Dinner – Vote4Energy

Whether your idea of a farmer is the earthy man behind a plow or the technology savvy woman in the seat of a GPS-guided tractor, it is important to remember the role that energy plays in keeping your dinner plate full.

3 June 2016
  |  EnergyTomorrow.org

Vote for Energy Careers – Vote4Energy

Oil and natural gas industry job creation played a critical role in moving the United States out of the great recession a few years ago. And, because of energy demand growth and demographic changes on the way, our industry promises to be a leading job creator in the future.

19 May 2016
  |  EnergyTomorrow.org

Vote for America’s Defense – Vote4Energy

We shouldn’t forget that America’s energy revolution – surges in domestic oil and natural gas production – is a positive development for members of the armed services. A stronger, more energy secure America that’s less dependent on imported oil, is an America that’s less impacted by energy-related tensions around the globe.

12 May 2016
  |  EnergyTomorrow.org

Vote for Clean Water – Vote4Energy

Our daily existence depends on access to water – and we need it clean. For drinking. For cooking, bathing and recreation. For life itself. Enter energy...

22 April 2016
  |  EnergyTomorrow.org

Vote For Hoops – Vote4Energy

From the lights and hot water to the uniforms and television broadcasts, energy is what makes “March Madness,” well – a slam dunk. And all of it falls into what I will describe as the oil and natural gas “Final Four” bracket: arenas, transportation, materials and broadcasting.

24 March 2016
  |  EnergyTomorrow.org

Vote For Slainte – Vote4Energy

Beer is water, malting barley, hops and yeast – requiring lots of energy. Energy to grow, harvest and store the barley and hops in the right conditions. Energy to transport the grains to breweries.

17 March 2016
  |  EnergyTomorrow.org

Voters Support Offshore Energy

New polling shows a majority of voters in Virginia, North Carolina and South Carolina – including majorities of Democrats, Republicans and Independents – support offshore energy production.

9 March 2016
  |  EnergyTomorow.org

America’s Natural Gas Progress and Its Discontents

The increased availability of affordable, reliable, cleaner-burning natural gas is a major factor in lowering consumer power costs, with more electricity generated from natural gas-fired generators than coal-fired generators during five months last year, EIA says.

10 February 2016
  |  EnergyTomorrow.org

Let’s Build on America’s Energy Progress

The U.S. energy renaissance, which presidents and policymakers only dreamed about four decades ago, is here. Right energy policy choices can sustain and grow it, helping to ensure American economic prosperity and security for decades to come.

9 February 2016
  |  EnergyTomorrow.org

Roadblocks to Progress

During this week’s State of American Energy event API President and CEO Jack Gerard described the economic and energy security gains generated by the U.S. energy revolution and the policies needed to create opportunities for the oil and natural gas industry to continue them.

6 January 2016
  |  EnergyTomorrow.org

Lifting Oil Export Ban A Win for Economy, Security

Almost exactly 40 years after it was instated, the ban on crude exports has been lifted. A relic of ‘70s-era energy scarcity, the ban makes no sense now that the United States leads the world in oil and natural gas production.

22 December 2015
  |  EnergyTomorrow.org

Energy and Bipartisanship

API assembled a great panel of election/campaign experts to discuss how Election 2016 is shaping up and which issues will be salient when Americans vote a year from now.

3 November 2015
  |  EnergyTomorrow.org

President Rejects Keystone XL, America Loses

With President Obama’s unfortunate decision to reject the Keystone XL pipeline, look for a number of reports and analyses advancing the notion that the president’s decision is a “stunning defeat” for our industry, Canada and members of Congress who support the project. We disagree.

6 November 2015
  |  EnergyTomorrow.org

Poll: Large Majority of Colorado Voters Favor Increased U.S. Oil & Natural Gas Development

“This poll shows that energy is a top issue for voters next year because it plays a key role in job creation and economic growth,” said Tracee Bentley, executive director of the CPC. “Colorado voters understand the opportunities that pro-development policies create and the need for an all-of-the-above energy policy that helps produce more domestic energy and lower energy costs for American consumers.”

27 October 2015
  |  API.org

Energy for the People

A better approach for a prosperous society would be to emulate the path that the U.S. is taking and that oil and natural gas are leading the way on: one of more energy, more security, more jobs and fewer emissions.

14 October 2015
  |  Medium.com/@lrozett_84487

Our Candidates Need to Talk About Energy Issues. So What’s It Going to Take?

Our Vote4Energy campaign started in 2012 to guide the energy policy discussion away from partisanship and political ideology and instead focus on a bright energy future benefiting all Americans.

8 October 2015
  |  Medium.com/@lrozett_84487

Oil, Natural Gas and Investing in America

U.S. oil and natural gas companies continue to lead in investing in the domestic economy, with five companies among the Progressive Policy Institute’s top 25 in 2014 U.S. capital expenditures.

29 September 2015
  |  EnergyTomorrow.com

New Ads: Economic, Security Reasons to Lift Crude Exports Ban

API has a pair of new ads that drive home the economic and national security reasons for lifting America’s 1970s-era ban on exporting domestic crude oil. Check out the "national security" spot here.

9 September 2015
  |  EnergyTomorrow.org

EIA and Crude Oil Exports

Some quick points from the new crude oil exports study from the U.S. Energy Information Administration (EIA).

1 September 2015
  |  EnergyTomorrow.org

A Step Forward On Oil Exports

Late last week the Obama administration gave the go-ahead for limited domestic crude oil exports to Mexico, a positive move on oil exports – yet one that immediately underscores this question: Why stop there?

17 August 2015
  |  EnergyTomorrow.org

Energy, Congress and Our National Conversation

At an event last month, API President and CEO Jack Gerard sketched the broad outlines for a national conversation on energy, connecting energy policy with the approaching 2016 elections.

23 July 2015
  |  EnergyTomorrow.org

Delay Doesn’t Diminish Keystone XL’s Merits

Keystone XL promises to bring similar economic benefits and greater U.S. energy security as we strengthen our partnership with Canada, America’s No. 1 source of imported oil.

6 July 2015
  |  EnergyTomorrow.org

‘The American Energy Moment’

America has been gifted with a renaissance in the domestic production of oil and natural gas – the drivers of our economy and our modern lives, now and in the future, thanks to abundant reserves and an innovative, technologically advanced industry.

23 April 2015
  |  EnergyTomorrow.org

‘This Unique American Moment’

The U.S. energy revolution is fundamentally empowering. There’s no better word for it. Because of resurgent American energy, our country has choices where the horizon once was filled with energy-based limitations.

6 January 2015
  |  EnergyTomorrow.org

Embracing Offshore Abundance

API President and CEO Jack Gerard said offshore energy is part of a “unique American moment” – the opportunity to sustain and build on resurgent oil and natural gas production that has created jobs, spurred economic development and made the U.S. more energy secure in the world.

9 February 2015
  |  EnergyTomorrow.org

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