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‘The American Energy Moment’

America has been gifted with a renaissance in the domestic production of oil and natural gas – the drivers of our economy and our modern lives, now and in the future, thanks to abundant reserves and an innovative, technologically advanced industry.

23 April 2015
  |  EnergyTomorrow.org

‘This Unique American Moment’

The U.S. energy revolution is fundamentally empowering. There’s no better word for it. Because of resurgent American energy, our country has choices where the horizon once was filled with energy-based limitations.

6 January 2015
  |  EnergyTomorrow.org

Embracing Offshore Abundance

API President and CEO Jack Gerard said offshore energy is part of a “unique American moment” – the opportunity to sustain and build on resurgent oil and natural gas production that has created jobs, spurred economic development and made the U.S. more energy secure in the world.

9 February 2015
  |  EnergyTomorrow.org